Fitur :

  • A sterilizers offer a consistent operating interface, thus reducing training requirements and keeping error sources to a minimum
  • Optimum hygiene thanks to easy cleaning
  • Much less water consumption than in conventional systems
  • Maximum performance with in a very small space
  • Six times longer service life of door seal
  • Belimed transfer trolleys are simple and reliable to use
  • The MST-V Sterilizer provides easy, direct access to the components and parts through front panels which open completely
  • A standard, integrated printer rcords and prints key cycle data on a paper strip
  • Loading and unloading modules, along with queuing sections, allow continuous operation of the sterilizers
Spesifikasi Data
ModelMST 666 VS1
Dimensi Ruang (P x L x T)660 x 660 x 700 mm
Dimensi Luar (P x L x T)1970 x 990 x 1120 mm
BahanStainless Steel
Kapasitas 305 Liter