Fitur :

Machine Base Configuration :

  • 400V 50 Hz, (DGRL 2014/68/EU) according EN 285
  • Vertical sliding doors
  • User interface type CP-Top Crystal Protected-Touch Operating Panel
  • 5,7 inch display integrated in the operation panel made of glass
  • Chamber material made of stainless steel, (AISI 316L)
  • The steam is circulated through the steam heated jacket (U-form profile, 5mm thickness, AISI 316L) securing a uniform temperature
  • Maximum permissible excess pressure during operation 2,7 bar
  • Maximum Permissible operating temperature 150┬░C
  • System for door are vertical sliding, driven automatically by an electric gear motor, opening downwards
  • The machines are equipped with a single-level water ring vacuum pump mounted on vibration compensator made from rubber, include water saving system with circulation tank in order to minimize cooling water consumption up to 80% than conventional systems
Spesifikasi Data
ModelMST-V 3-3-9 VS1
Dimensi Ruang (P x L x T)335 x 335 x 940 mm
Dimensi Luar (P x L x T)1540 x 640 x 1100 mm
BahanStainless steel (AISI 316L)
Kapasitas Ruang107 liter