Every business starts from a great passion, so was PT Medtracos Esana Prima. We have a passion to providethe best health and aesthetic products for our customers.

We were inspired by real people who shared their real personal experiences. They shared stories about how it was difficult to obtain a certain specific medical device and supplements in Indonesia.

Afterwards, we conducted series of research and found that many people were going through the same issues.

Most of the best health and aesthetic products are only available overseas, where many Indonesians have limited or no access for. We decided to help them, and that was how PT Medtracos Esana Prima was born. We are committed to provide the most advanced health and aesthetic products with best quality and economic value.

We believe that by helpingothers live a better life, PT Medtracos Esana Prima will foreverstands tall while maintainingits business and relationshipswith our stakeholders.

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